Company profile

CPOS s.r.o. is primarily engaged in technical, production and business activities in the field of mineral processing. Our activities namely include production of machines and machine parts for aggregate crushing and screening, parts of conveyors, steel structures and welded parts for such technologies. Furthermore, our company is engaged in production of steel structures for various industrial branches, bridge crane beams, bridge and railway structures as well as traffic portal.

CPOS produces: 

  • Complete machines, especially screening machines and crushers
  • Parts of screening machines, feeders and crushers, mostly weldments, precision cut pieces, including abrasion resistant linings, as well as machined parts
  • Parts of conveyor belts
  • Steel supporting structures, supporting frames for machines
  • Hoppers and chutes fitted with either steel or abrasion resistant linings
  • Steel structures for various industrial branches
  • Bridge and railway structures
  • Bridge crane beams
  • Traffic portals  

CPOS provides: 

  • On-site service, repairs and supply of spare parts of the screening machines and crushers of different brands in the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • Assembly of steel structures, bridge and railway structures as well as traffic portals
  • Technical consultation


About Company

CPOS was founded in 1993 as the Česká průmyslová a obchodní společnost s.r.o. In the years 1999-2002, up to the fusion of the Metso and Svedala groups, the company was the exclusive distributor of the machinery and equipment of the Metso Minerals group on the Czech and Slovak markets. Since 2005 CPOS pays particular attention to the manufacture of machines and parts of machines, parts of conveyor belts and production of steel structures and weldments. In order to enhance its production capacity, CPOS acquired in 2017 a manufacturing facility for steel structures from Skanska a.s. In consequence of this acquisition, the entire production activity has been relocated from Nymburk to Sadská, a small town situated approximately 30 km east of Prague.  

Since its foundation, the company has been strongly pro-export oriented. The portion of turnover generated in the domestic market, however, increased correspondingly with the extension of the production capacity as well as product portfolio. Nonetheless, CPOS remains to be an active player in various foreign markets, particularly in France, Germany, Slovakia and other European markets, and constantly searches for new partners interested in international business cooperation. In order to ensure the highest industry quality standards, the company is certified under EN ISO 9001, 3834-2, 1090-1_2 (including EXC4 for projects with the highest quality and execution standards).