CPOS’ Quality Policy

The company management sets the following principles of the quality policy:

  • Customer’s high satisfaction with the quality of the machinery, parts and equipment supplied by us, as well as our services, which reflects in the performance and quality of the products manufactured by the customer and in the reliability in operation
  • Ongoing efforts to improve quality parameters of the produced machines and services, which must monitor the needs and expectations of the customers
  • Continuous evaluation of errors and deficiencies in the quality-related activities with the aim to avoid them to the greatest extent possible
  • The assessment of the risks potentially threatening the quality of our operations, products and services and the definition of processes and ways to avoid them
  • Respecting quality requirements and involvement in meeting quality objectives as part of the daily activities of all company’s employees
  • Reducing the impact of our activities on the environment, work safety and minimizing the risks arising from the company's activities for its employees

To achieve these principles of the quality policy the company management undertakes:

  • To create organizational, personnel and technical conditions for the quality policy implementation
  • To monitor, evaluate and improve the quality management system
  • To motivate all employees to identify with the quality policy and to engage in its performance, to ensure systematically the staff’s qualification enhancement
  • To work with the company’s suppliers to support us in fulfilling the quality policy
  • To set the company’s investment plans so as to be in line with this policy and to promote its implementation